what's my age again?

23 things i've learned in 23 years:
including some very basic kitchen knowledge

1.  we are all faking it and only some of us are making it.
2. margarine is not the same as butter. your cookies will turn out less delicious.
3. sometimes laying in bed all day really is the cure to your problems.
4. it's important to write shit down. on actual paper.
5. it's important to call your parents. regularly.
6. take note of the people that you don't have to think so hard around. those are the best people.
7. be your own friend. like your own instagrams.
8. always put something on your to-do list that you've already done. then cross it off.
9. there is always someone more important than the most important person.
10. never, ever lose your humility. egos are toxic.
11. you will find a parking spot.
12. get rid of the things you never wear. a closet cleanse beats a juice cleanse anyday.
13. your guilty pleasures don't have to make you feel guilty.
14. listen to podcasts. and then tell everyone all the fun facts you learn.
15. save your money for experiences. road trips > tank tops.
16. stop honking so much.
17. get comfortable with makeup-less you. let her out of the house sometimes.
18. whiskey ginger. drink those.
19. lemon water. drink that the morning after you drink the whiskey.
20. wax paper and parchment paper. not the same thing.
21. get a good umbrella, not one from cvs.
22. eat the whole cupcake. even if everyone else around you is only taking half while saying "omg i really shouldn't!"
23. drake was right about yolo.