forever 24

turning 22 was cool because taylor swift psyched me up for a happy free magical year full of dancing with my girl squad and eating breakfast at midnight, and 23 was even decent because at least blink 182 understood that nobody liked me, but so far, 24 has no anthems and no answers.

turns out, adulting is the worst, so here are 24 things that get me through the day.

  1. waking up to sunshine.  every morning i look out the window, first thing, no matter what - just to remind myself that everyone else is getting up and walking to their trains that maybe they'll miss, and going to their jobs that maybe they hate, and i can too.
  2. my old man neighbor who lives two doors down and stands out at his front gate every day to say good morning as i walk by.
  3. dogs on the train. in nyc, dogs have to be in a bag to ride the train, and it's even better when i don't notice right away that there's a little pupper poking out of a tote bag.
  4. seeing people smile at their phones and wondering what cute text they got or what funny meme they saw.
  5. spending $10 on a smoothie and reminding myself that new york is an alternate universe where smoothies cost $10 and it's okay because think of all the benefits of the chia seeds!
  6. the berry crunch smoothie from liquidteria with spinach and chia seeds. health!!!!
  7. street art, sidewalk art, subway art.
  8. wearing sneakers and a backpack. am i going to my tech job or a middle school assembly? tough to say, but a comfy life is a good life.
  9. seeing tourists in soho, as a reality check to be grateful that this place i drag myself out of bed to get to every day is a dream vacation for so many people. 
  10. discover weekly & release radar on spotify. new tunes, new me.
  11. the app 'calm' for those days that are just TMTH (too much to handle)
  12.  soundbath classes at MNDFL 
  13. audiobooks, especially this one because listening to amy schumer read her old high school diary entries is the best.
  14. surrounding myself with plants. never too many cacti friends.
  15. using iCal and planning visually, looking at the week ahead as only what i can accomplish in the next 6 square boxes on my screen.
  16. half planning vacations i may never take. searching for flights just to see what deals i can get, finding dreamy airbnbs, and remembering how much is out there to explore.
  17. trying small new things, like getting a ton of free perfume samples from sephora and testing one every day.
  18. the show LOVE on Netflix. it is hilarious and perfect and i'd very much like gillian jacobs to be my best friend.
  19. also the show Casual on Hulu. i only watch tv series with one word titles.
  20. meeting new people, in the "i made a friend on a dating app" kind of way. using bumble BFF is legit and has been somewhat of a lifesaver for introverted post grads like myself. plus, friend first dates are way less awkward than romantic first dates and usually involve bottomless brunch and exchanging cute pictures of your pets.
  21. seeing people with bouquets of flowers on the train. the other day i saw a guy with flowers that were as tall as he was and it really made my day thinking of whose day was about to be made.
  22. sheet face masks
  23. laura miller's series talking in circles. great stuff if you have struggled with anxiety, or just want to hear some people talking about some real shit.
  24. and if none of these nice self reminders and healthy smoothies and calming habits aren't working and it's still feeling tough to get through the day, just giving this a listen seems to do this trick.