home sweet home (floating shelves)

why yes, redecorating my floating shelves was the highlight of my wednesday.

because sometimes you impulsively buy yourself flowers while in the checkout line at trader joes, then decide you should find out if hydrangeas are poisonous to cats, which, indeed they are, and so in the process of finding a spot high enough to keep them away from your cat, you get too excited about rearranging your knick knacks.

thus, here is a quick tour of this "shelfie", and the tips i keep in mind when styling shelves:

floating shelves: target

floating shelves: target

top shelf:

  • stack books to create variety and height (in my opinion, it is OK to choose "display books". do i really need siddartha on hand to grab at any moment? no. do i own it? yes. as you can see.) in addition to choosing books that make you appear smart/cultured/mindful, i like to choose bindings that fit in with the overall color theme. in this case, i was testing out mixing warm and cool tones, especially oranges and yellows mixed with blues and greens, so i chose books accordingly. i also wanted to play up some darker shades here as it's a good way to work in subtle contrast.
  • old driftwood from my grandma's house - grandparents love to collect things you can steal for your shelves.
  • vintage salt and pepper shakers from the brimfield antique fair - got these for $2 and the colors fit the theme almost too well.
  • 3 drawer stack - these are filled with jewelry that i want to hang onto, but don't wear often. i'm all about knick knacks, but make them functional! i can still easily access this, but i don't need it right on my desk with my everyday jewelry, so it makes a great shelf piece. 
  • open heart neon sign card - this is an anniversary card that my dad wrote to my mom years ago. i found it in a box in a basement and i love it.
  • gold vase - a basic $4 purchase from primark (one of the best places to find affordable shelf decor) to bring in the gold theme from the rest of the bedroom.
  • trader joes flowers because buying yourself flowers is important.

bottom shelf:

  • ikea plant - hands down, ikea is my favorite place to buy house plants and pots.
  • mini southwestern vase from brimfield antique fair. in the past few years, i have gotten rid of most smaller decor items from places like the $1 section at target, but finding special pieces that speak to me at flea markets makes me so much happier, and more willing to put them on display.
  • california license plate - found on the side of the road! this was the color theme inspiration. the rest of the bedroom is very cool toned, but i needed to include this on these shelves, so i broke the rules and made it work.
  • tiny cute log cabin - this is actually an incense burner (functional. knick knacks.)
  • bees knees card - i bought this for probably way too much money at some stationary store, but it has corny significance with my boyfriend, and it brings in the gold accents from the rest of the room. [see my bedroom tour here!] i really love decorating with cards and finding new places for them besides the front of the fridge.
  • pendleton notebooks - i bought these in a pack but i've only used one so far because i love them too much.... so, potential functional knick knacks.
  • succulent and crystal - okay, these are not so functional.

i typically keep my larger surfaces mostly clear, but i do love filling up shelves with little odd treasures, especially ones that have a story. a well decorated shelf can make your space feel more put together because it is reminiscent of creating a nice storefront display. sounds silly, but you should always want to window shop in your own home. if you tend to collect knick knacks, keep one box of your favorite vases, trays, art, and antiques, and switch up your shelves every few months. balancing height and dimension, and mixing up textures and colors can make your gadgets and gizmos look intentional and organized. (you want thing-a-ma-bobs? i've got 20.)