#MCM DIY: vintage console table

Sure, some people post pictures of their boyfriends and/or Ryan Gosling's abs for man crush monday, but personally, I've got a crush on every teak wood credenza on Instagram. My #mcm is Mid-Century Modern furniture, and it's time to make it hashtag official.

Here's the thing about buying mid-century modern pieces, as a 20-something who can barely afford IKEA's famous KÖTTBULLAR: it costs a lot to make your space reminiscent of Don Draper's apartment.

Luckily, I am a Craigslist fiend (and sometimes even dabble in eBay browsing when I'm feeling wild), and thus, on a mission to get that #MCM style without breaking the bank. 

Step 1: find inspiration.
I stumbled across a listicle about the life changing magic of furniture legs and decided I could attempt to make a tv stand/console table (similar to #13) if I could just find the perfect flea market file cabinet.

Step 2: find the perfect flea market file cabinet.
We flea'd, and we found. We decided to check out Reuse America Vintage Warehouse in Bushwick, and after climbing through piles of beautiful, weird junk (and skimming through some vintage 1970's porn mags), I spotted our future table. It was even better than my original flea market file cabinet dreams.

My actual #mancrushmonday with our legless table.

My actual #mancrushmonday with our legless table.

Step 3: throw some legs on it.
Etsy is basically my two favorite things combined: it is a flea market on the internet - and it always comes through when I'm looking for unique gifts, art or home decor. It's also a great place to look for mid-century modern furniture, or just to browse for inspiration. We bought four 22 inch 3-rod 3/8" hairpin legs to turn this cabinet into a table, and if you're in the market for some hairpin legs, go straight to Jim at Modarch Supply. These sellers are such talented artists and craftsmen, and getting to know the people behind the work is a huge part of what makes Etsy so awesome. 

Step 4: assemble that shit.
(1. measure and drill holes 2. insert screws from inside 3. place legs 4. add washers & bolts 5. tighten!!!)

Here's a better look at the final product in all its super hip #MCM console table/tv stand glory: