(non) dairy queen

As someone who genuinely loves gimmicks and finds it hard to resist pretty much anything that says "new" on the label, and someone who can't really eat dairy (but is very much in denial and still eats cheese because... cheese), hearing of new dairy free ben and jerry's flavors was almost too much for me to handle.

One night, as i sat in my car at 11pm, listening to hold music as the stop and shop employee was "checking to see if they have it but she's pretty sure they don't", i simultaneously realized that 1. i should probably stop calling every stop and shop store in the greater boston area and 2. there was nothing left to do except take this into my own hands. and by that i mean i used my hands to type desperate tweets to @benandjerrys.

and then, something beautiful happened.                                 there were puns. i was in the SQUAD.

Gone were the days of stop and shop hold music.
Ben and Jerry's followed me on Twitter. I had made it. I was living my best (lactose free) life.

I went where no girl on a mission for vegan ice cream has gone before. I went pretty far into this freezer at target.

So for those of you who are also in denial about giving up dairy, my suggestion is to start off slowly. It's a big lifestyle change. Just take it one pint at a time.

All of the dairy free flavors are "someone take this spoon away from me" good, and not just "good, for vegan ice cream" good. but if you're really in the mood to lose all self control, go for dairy free pb & cookies. There's no weird texture or weird taste or weird anything. Ben and Jerry really know what they're doing.